Scotdesco was incorporated in 1992 and land was acquired in 1994 through the ATSIC Land Acquisition Funds.
The property name is Tjilkaba and it means 'prickle'.
Scotdesco is the business name which means the descendants of Jimmy and Myrtle Scott. They now reside, work and manage this farm.
A community plan was put into operation and the 'fruits' of this are evident today.
Approximately 55 people reside at Scotdesco with many other waiting to come and live here. Approximately 17 houses make up this community.

Community Development
SCOTDESCO has a range of projects on the go. Essential services and maintenance is carried out regularly at Scotdesco. This includes new sheds, fences, repairs and upgrades to old and new buildings.

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Scott Family
The Scott, Miller and Ware families are three well known families in and around Ceduna. These families are related and together they account for about 400 people.
The first person recorded on the West Coast with the Scott name was George Scott. He was a station worker and kangaroo shooter.
The Scott family lived at Eucla and Mundrabilla before moving east to White Well, Fowlers Bay and Koonibba in the 1920's.
The Scott family settled at White Well near the Head of the Bight in the 1930's. The second generation headed by Jimmy Scott worked there and moved around different bores and camping area whilst they worked.
The third generation of Scotts married and their families lived and worked in the Colona/Bookabie area.
Residents at Scotdesco speak good English with the oldest being able to speak Wirangu and Kukotha.

Arts & Crafts

A major focus of this community
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Bush Tucker Regular activity for our people is hunting.

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Community Manager

Bobby Larking Has played a leadership role at Scotdesco for over 10 years, his vision and community spirit has gone a long way in supporting Scotdesco develop a community action plan that will lead to an enterprising future for the residents of this community.

Contact details

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