Scotdesco Tourism

Certificate 2 in Tourism Students Lerline Crisci and Bronwyn Scott recently completed their studies with a fantastic tour of Scotdesco and the local area...The small group of visitors that attended where treated to a great day out....Minnie and Bonnie need to be congratulated for their commitment to completing their training and their knowledge and experience are valued by Scotdesco.  Both the students would like to thank Wanda Miller for her support to them.
The guest received a beautiful lunch prepared at Fowlers Bay Bonnie and Minnie explaining the importance of the historical sites around scotdesco.
On The 4th Of May 2 Ladies From Scotdesco Aborignal Community Graduated In Adelaide On Their Tourism Course Threw Adelaide Tauondi College & Bookabee Tours Adelaide. Congratulation's Lerline & Bonnie. "Well Done"